Fender Acoustic SFX 160-Watt Acoustic Guitar Combo Amplifier

Fender Acoustic SFX 160-Watt Acoustic Guitar Combo Amplifier
Item# 2271200000

Product Description

Crafted with the discriminating player in mind, the lightweight, portable Acoustic SFX from Fender is the perfect blend of amazing tone, premium features, superior performance and stylish looks.

The Acoustic SFX is a two-channel, 160-watt (80-watts per channel) amp that comes fitted with a single 8" low-frequency driver and a single 6.5" side-radiating speaker for exceptional projection and tone. The Acoustic SFX features Fender's patented Stereo Field Expansion (SFX) technology, which creates an exciting, dynamic sound to offer a rich sonic experience that goes far beyond mere stereo. When you play through the Acoustic SFX, a beautiful, organic acoustic sound will fill up the room and move around for previously unheard of sonic depth. The Master SFX control allows you to dial in the level of the SFX to taste.

Allowing you to incorporate some beautiful sonic textures and shades, the Acoustic SFX comes loaded with onboard effects including hall reverb, echo, delay, chorus and Vibratone. To tailor the sound of each channel with the utmost precision, both channels sport independent 3-band EQs, Volume controls, Reverb controls, Phase buttons and Effects level controls. What's more? You can tempo-sync all of the effects with two quick taps.

The Acoustic SFX comes equipped with all the Ins and Outs that you need for any situation. Perfect for the discerning singer-songwriter, each channel on the Acoustic SFX comes equipped with a 1/4"-XLR combo jack so that you can plug in your acoustic guitar as well as your microphone. On the back, the Balanced XLR Line Output with Ground Lift and Mic/Line gives the Acoustic SFX the flexibility to adapt to any musical situation--whether you're recording in the studio or performing on stage. The Acoustic SFX boasts an 1/8" Aux input so you can plug in your mp3 or CD player and play along with your favorite backing tracks. For quiet practicing, the Acoustic SFX also comes with an 1/8" headphone jack.

The Acoustic SFX is lightweight, portable, and has a gorgeous aesthetic to match its beautiful sound. It features a lightweight plywood construction, a stained amber wood amplifier covering, a brown grille cloth, an integrated top-mount handle that's conveniently design to hold personal mobile devices (i.e. smart phone, tablets, etc.)*, and durable rubber bottom. A natural blonde finish add to its elegant visual appeal. A fitted cover is included with your purchase to protect your amp.