Reverend Jetstream 390 PF Chronic Blue

Reverend Jetstream 390 PF Chronic Blue
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Product Description

Scientifically speaking, the more P-90s you can fit onto a guitar, the cooler it is. By that incredibly rational criteria, the Reverend Jetstream 390 is the zenith of awesomeness (at least, until we develop the technology to cram a fourth P-90 onto a guitar!). The three P-90s produce a dazzling array of tones in conjunction with Reverend's bass contour knob, and many of the sounds you'll find are unique to this pickup configuration. As a result, the Jetstream speaks with quite an inspiring, unique voice! It also comes equipped with a host of player-friendly appointments that optimize playability and reliability. So, it's a workhorse, but it also has lots of tones--both classic and exotic--on tap.